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Crawford Headers

High Flow Cats

350Z & G35 Equal Length Headers

Price : $981
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These are without question the premier headers currently available for the VQ35 engine in the Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 platforms.

Nothing else comes close to giving you the amount of performance delivered by these headers, which took one year of trial and error to develop and manufacture.

The design and production of exhaust headers are looked upon as artforms. To keep all the tubing equal length, and to use the optimum length of tubing (without going too long) to extract the maximum performance gains, and then to make it fit in a cramped engine compartment with no clearance issues is one of the most daunting tasks a performance parts builder can undertake. These headers represent an achievement of those goals.

Compare the design of these headers with anything else on the market,and can clearly see the difference. The complex "spaghetti" design of the tubing and the true collectors are part of the no compromise approach that we take when designing all of our products.

Our goal is this... making reliable normally aspirated power!

What better way to complement the performance of your car than with the largest normally aspirated gains in terms of horsepower and torque from any header on the market?

Our headers come ready to install with all required hardware, and are finshed with a hi-temp silver powdercoat that will highlight any engine compartment.

When combined with our plenum and high flow cats, expect a whopping 20hp at peak - and near 40 hp at redline!